Technical Consultancy

  • Claim Management,
  • Contract Engineering,
  • The International Arbitration services and their technical consultancy,
  • Preparation of FIDIC contracts and all consultancy services during construction,
  • Preparation of tender documentation and restrictions according to international and national rules, contracts and projects,
  • Going into management consultancy partnerships with national and international companies,
  • Giving quality management, project management and progress payment services according to FIDIC applications and projects for construction firms,
  • In cooperation with government and administrations giving the consultancy services such as preparation of contracts, specifications and selection of the contractor,
  • For project time schedule management, making analysis and selection of the best program which should be used especially, in which critical path method (cpm) is used,
  • To advise and give technical consultancy service to contractors and investors who wants to be informed about or to get involved in the projects of World Bank (DACON), The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Asian Development Bank (ADB),
  • Constituting Mergers to Work on Project Basis or to Meet The Conditions Especially in Construction Sector,
  • Offering Solutions and Guiding of The Companies and Administrations About Contract Problem,
  • Giving Financial Consultancy Services for Project Demands,
  • Lead Consultancy Services.